Wednesday, April 20, 2005


I know this site has been a bit of a dissappointment ever since Tommy came to visit. It's really not his fault. Life just picked up! Finally ALL of my school work is done. It is now almost 3 AM in London, and I am about to start packing for travel break. I fly to Barcelona, Spain tomorrow. After 3 days there, I'm off to Italy for 10 days (Milan, Venice, Florence, Rome, and Alghero)! I hope everyone is going well. If you want pictures when I get back just post on here or e-mail me! Adios amigos!

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Okay...I know it's been forever, but between planning my travel break and writing a gazillion papers, I haven't had time to post. I am also obsessed with FACEBOOK! Check out my page when you get a chance!

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Monday, March 28, 2005

The Blur's been a while since I've had a chance to blog. Well, I can't remember everything that I did b/c my week with Tommy was absolutely insane! We ran all over this huge city. I guess that last time I blogged was Friday. Saturday was consumed with music/art paper writing. I left the house at about 5 AM on Sunday to meet Tommy at the airport. It was so great to see him again! Although he was exhausted, I walked him all through Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park. Then we walked to Harrod's, but it was closed. We walked around that area for a while. For dinner, Will and I took Tommy to the Hereford Arms. He enjoyed his first traditional fish n' chips. On Monday, Tommy got lost in London while I was in class until 4. I could hardly sit still in class b/c I knew that Tommy was here...silly, I know. I can't remember where we went exactly, but I know that Tommy, Taylor, and I went to an amazing Italian restaurant for dinner, Il Borgeo. It was so good! Tuesday...another blur...I'm sure it involved a ton of sightseeing. Maybe I should stop going day-by-day and just tell the things that I remember at this moment in time. One day we went to the Tower of London. I had already been, but I knew that Tommy would love it. I was right! The blood, guts, and gore really fascinated him. One night, we walked on the Thames. It was really romantic...hehe. We also went to a Good Friday Evensong at Westminster Abbey which Tommy also thoroughly enjoyed. We ate at the Forum a couple of times. Tommy liked that too. I knew the apple strudel was really good when Tommy (he never eats desserts) ordered it and fell in love. On Wednesday morning, Tommy went with the whole group on a Mr. Tames walking tour of London's East End (the immigrant section). The tour was good. We ate Thai for lunch in Spitafield's Market. On our last night together, Tommy treated me to dinner in Chinatown. It was really good, and I even managed to eat with chopsticks! Later we met Taylor and Steph at the Piano Bar. Tommy also really liked this. We slow danced in front of was really sweet. What I think was probably Tommy's favorite visit in London was our trip to the food market under London Bridge. It was my first time, and there was no one I would rather have been with. It was absolutely amazing. Food for every sort. Some cooked and the rest fresh. Anything you could imagine. Tommy was completely floored! We spent forever there. With Sunday morning came the close of one of the best weeks of my life. There's a really long story about why Tommy missed his flight. It involves confusion over daylight savings time and screwy train schedules. Luckily, he made the next flight and arrived safely in New Orleans. I miss him a lot...he added a lot of spice to the conglomeration of people that I live with. There were a few people in the house who were even sad to see him go. Yes, Daddy and Mommy, he treated me WONDERFULLY! We didn't take as many pictures as I would have liked. He has some on his camera that should be headed my way soon. I slept most of yesterday...didn't do much today. Happy Birthday, Daddy...I know it's late! I'll upload some of the pictures soon. I got some decent ones of Big Ben, Parliament, and Westminster Abbey. Have a great week! I'm going to the Lake District this weekend! Woo-hoo! Bye!

Friday, March 18, 2005

The Amazing Messiah

Well, let's talk about yesterday. For WWII history we went on a bogus field trip to Chelsea Old Church. The point was to show us an area that was devastated by bombing during WWII. Ok, so maybe it would have been cool...if the church had been open. We spent more time waiting at the bus stop and riding on the bus than we spent at the church. The field trip was over in under 10 minutes! I guess it was better than sitting through a lecture. John Marc, Taylor, and I went for breakfast at McDonald's on Kensington High Street. After that, Taylor and I hit up some shopping. I purchased 3 cute tops and some jewelry. It was very fun and helped my depression caused by my previous trip to Harrods. The weather was beautiful once again! Tay and I returned to the house, and she packed to go home. She left, and I just chilled out for a while. John Marc and I went to hear Handel's Messiah at Westminster Abbey at 7 PM. It's kind of hard to explain where we were sitting for the first half of the performance b/c the church his not laid out like most American churches. I'll give it a shot though. Westminster Abbey has a really long center aisle (nave) that is divided in half by a quire (choir) and screen. If you came in the front doors, the Westminster choir was performing on the front side of the screen. Our 5 pound tickets put us behind the screen. Basically we had no view, but we could still hear reasonably well. I must say that I have never heard/experienced anything like this before. The Westminster choir consists of young boys and men. They were accompanying 4 soloists (soprano, contra tenor, tenor, and bass). All of the soloists were amazing. They managed not only to sing their parts beautifully, but also to communicate the message of the piece. It was absolutely superb. After the intermission, they allowed us to move to the other side of the screen. John Marc and I ended up with 7th row seats for the remainder on the performance. A Hallelujah Chorus was immaculate. This performance was so good that last night has officially been named my favorite night in London thus far. When it ended, John Marc and I went to The Forum (of course) for dinner. I ate and went to bed. Today, I haven't done very much. I took an hour and a half nap with my window open and a breeze sweeping through my room. I just got back from the post office and grocery store. I can't believe that I actually went out in a short-sleeve shirt and jeans and wasn't cold! That AWESOME! Well, Tommy will be here on Sunday. I can't wait! I guess I better go write some music/art papers. Bye!

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Buckingham Palace (03/16/05) Posted by Hello

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Westminster Abbey from St. James's Park (03/16/05) Posted by Hello

Big Ben from St. James's Park (03/16/05) Posted by Hello

The London Eye from St. James's Park (03/16/05) Posted by Hello

Mr. Swanee eating from a tree in St. James's Park (03/16/05) Posted by Hello

Mr. Featherman in St. James's Park (03/16/05) Posted by Hello

Pretty flower close-up in St. James's Park (03/16/05) Posted by Hello

Mr. Bumble in St. James's Park (03/16/05) Posted by Hello

Pretty daffodil in St. James's Park (03/16/05) Posted by Hello

Buckinham Palace from St. James's Park...the queen is actually inside... (03/16/05) Posted by Hello

Mr. Waddlesworth in St. James's Park (03/16/05) Posted by Hello

Mr. Webbington in St. James's Park (03/16/05) Posted by Hello

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Good evening world. Today began with a general meeting at 9 AM. Rona arrived for her remaining lecture at 9:30 AM. Following the lecture, we had a rehearsal for our big performance. The performance started at 11:30 AM. Our audience consisted of Andrea's parents and sister, Will's parents and sister and brother, Taylor's mom, Verger Ben from Westminster Abbey, Mr. and Mrs. Mullins, and Professor Venable. It was an absolute success. We all felt like 3rd graders and were completely humiliated. If that's not success, I don't know what is. All of the solos went well. Jessica, Stephanie, and I recited sonnets. Mary Kathryn recited Virginia Wolfe. John Marc and Nathan did Dickens's "Oliver Twist." Will had various solo lines, as did Jessica and I. Our recitation of "Cats" was quite entertaining...some people were lying on their sides...others were perched in chairs. If you weren't there, you missed the BEST PERFORMANCE EVER! Today was absolutely gorgeous! It was about 60 degrees...a nice breeze. Taylor's mom took Taylor and me out to lunch at Texas Lone Star. It was really good. Then Taylor and I decided to dress stylishly and go to the park to read. We both donned side ponytails and headed to St. James's Park. I had a great time photographing the geese, swans, and flowers. St. James's Park is great. We were supposed to read, but the wind made it a little too chilly to sit still for long. We walked all over the park, through Green Park, past Hyde Park, and down to Harrod's. Harrod's was amazing. I have never seen so much overpriced crap in my life! In the Foods Hall, they were giving away free fresh hot Krispy Kreme doughnuts. This was phenomenal b/c they cost about $1.50 to $2 a piece. We also purchased specialty doughnuts...chocolate caked doughnuts. We explored all FIVE FLOORS...I didn't see anything that I could afford...not even a coffee mug. It was rather depressing. After Harrod's, Taylor and I went to Zara (a trendy shop). My attempt to find a cute top to wear when Tommy is here completely failed. I think the clothes are just a little too Bohemian/hippy for me. I tend to go for the classy/sophisticated look. After our failed shopping spree, we returned to the house in a light mist. The weather here is so weird. One minute the sun is shining, the next minute, it's raining. Tonight we watched Top Gun. It was awesome. I hadn't seen it in quite some time. It could easily be one of the best movies ever. Well, I hope you enjoy my new pictures. Hopefully tomorrow's post will contain quotes from my new animal friends! Bye!

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

My Ears Hurt

Good evening. Today was DULL. WWII History 9-11 AM. We talked about the SOE...they were really cool! After class, I visited the Tate Britain on-line to gather information for my paper. I didn't feel like dragging myself to yet another art museum...please forgive me. Taylor and I went to Forum at 5:30, where I enjoyed a chickpea salad for dinner. Yummy! After dinner we hopped on the tube to Barbican station. After a short walk, we arrived at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama for a jazz concert co-hosted by Scott Stroman, one of our upcoming Modern Britain lecturers. Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't like the sound of 3 different songs being played at once. The first half of the performance was relatively horrible. The professors left at the break and so did half of the students. I decided to stick it out. The second half improved, but not enough to make the whole thing worth my time. I've come to the conclusion that Brits have no rhythm...not very surprising. Jazz without rhythm is just bad. I must tell you a funny story. Professor Mullins has a hearing problem, and usually wears hearing aids. The music was a little too loud through the hearing aids tonight, so she decided to remove them. Seeing that the whole jazz band was composed of young men and 2 women, she was quite surprised when a man of 40+ arrived on stage. She turned to the student next to her and said, "He's obviously over 40!" Since her hearing aids were out, she thought she was whispering, but she was really talking at the top of her lungs. It was hilarious. All of the people around us started laughing. That was pretty much the only entertaining part of the evening. Tomorrow is the grand performance! I'm pretty sure it's going to suck. I don't think I can "meow" at the beginning of Jellicle Cats without cracking up. We'll just have to wait and see. 5 days until Tommy arrives...woohoo! Well, gotta go talk to my mommy! Bye!